Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year ended!

This 2010 turn to 2011! 
     Always reminds me a new day, adventure and all the people are making their list of New Year Resolution. For me New Year is a new beginnings and start of a new life.
     Let's all forget the bad memories during 2010 and like I said let's start a new life because, it can probably help ourself and even your relationship with your friends and family. Let me share something, during this 2010 I had a lot of good memories and even worst. 
     The good memories, I was elected as the president of my department, I handling a successful event in our school and having a good grades at school. All of this are considered my best achievements in 2010.
     But besides for the success, I had a bad memories. The first time that I was elected as the president of my department my first impression was I'm famous, but in the end releasing that it's so very hard to be a president. Because everything is in your hand and it's so very hard to do wrong decision because everyone are affected. And worst than that criticism, it's so very hard to imagine that to all your sacrifices somebody will judge you for what are you doing and letting them to know that it's so very hard to be a president. But releasing that this memories are only obstacle that God given us to be more strong and a good person.   
     This memories should not be forget because this memories is our treasure that can be pass to your siblings and letting them to know that life is joyful and sometimes is not. 
     So this coming 2011 let's start a new day and start a better life.

   The best of 2010:

     Like I sad, I was elected as the President of my department, I think this is the best gift of my 2010. I experienced a lot of  challenges as a President that make me a strong and good person. Honestly I'm a shy person and really don't want to interact with other people, but when I was elected as a President I learned to talk and interact with other people. 

     The next one when my father cane here in the Philippines for a vacation, because since when I was a child probably my dad is working abroad to give all the things that we need in our daily living. And I considered this as a best gift ever. And want to say to my dad I really love you!

     I think when my mom bought me a laptop and probably the second big gift I had for 2010. I will think my dad for that because this gadget help me a lot especially for my studying. And with matching wifi connection. Thank You mom for giving me this gadget, I love you.

     Lastly when my classmates and I went to a resort for our get together, and it's was fun to be with them and the first time to have an overnight in the resort and it's was cool.

     I would like to thank to God to all the good and even bad thing I had for 2010 because it's help me a lot to be a better person to others. Thank You God!                                                                                                         

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