Friday, December 31, 2010

The First Day of 2011!

     The year 2010 was ended and welcome 2011!
      My first day impression was not different as I wake up in the morning, just a simple day. But for others this is a start for a new life. What did you think?
      I had a lot of idea come up with my mind for what I am going to do this 2011. After a while thinking about what I'm going to do this 2011 I come up with this ideas.

  •     The first things to do was to focused on my studying because college days is the way to a successful life.           
  •     Then to be an effective and efficient president of my department. 
  •     To show more love to my friends, family and, love ones. 
  •     To take care of myself. 
  •     To be a good brother and son to my mother and father. 
  •     To show more faith on God.

      When you first think what are going to do this 2011 it's so very hard, but after awhile they are a lot of ideas, and vision come up with your mind. And realizing that you have a lot of things to do and to fulfill it. So guys what are you going to do this 2011?

                                                                                                               Edward Marron

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