Monday, January 3, 2011

A Child With A Broken Promise!

Did you experience a broken promise? Honestly it's hurts must of the time but we need to understand it because they are certain situation that can help us to be a better person.
     From it's meaning to say or to give one's assurance that one will give. 
     Let me tell you something about a boy with a broken promise that make his life ruined.

     One day there was a child, he is one of the favorite child by his parents. Everything he wanted his parents granted. But one time his parents noticed that he changed a lot because he don't know how to give to others, become disrespectful to them and have no faith in God. So his parents made up a right solution from it by limiting his pleasures.
     The first impression to the child was made a big impact with his life, because he was thinking that his parent don't love him and he is not important to the family. And turn him to an inappropriate behavior.
     " For you what was your first impression to this situation if your parents to this to you?" 
     "And in this simple situation you will follow what the child did?"
     When the child grown up he really change a lot by this simple situation but for the child was not. In his 23 years of existence his life was focus to his friends than to his parents turning him to a rebellious, disrespectful to his parents and he really forget the presence of God. Because of the bad influences of his friends he probably take a prohibited drugs.  And never knowing that is dangerous to his life.  
     " Based on my studying on the effects of using drugs it could affect how we think and act and also has a big impact with other people and specially with your family."
     And one time he attempted to murder his parents, thankfully his brother stop him by hitting a vase to his head. His parents was crying and thinking what happen to him and turning to a demons. And he was take to a hospital to cure his wounds on his head. Then, one day his parents took him in the rehabilitation center.
     "Now a days, they are a lot of youth taking drugs to avoid his loneliness and some others for pleasures. I will be straight to you! What makes a drugs for us, without releasing that it could affect your others."
     So when he continuous to stay in the rehab he probably changed for more than a months in the rehab. Releasing that God is always on our side, and He is always ready to help us. Importantly he values life and his family.
     Until one day, that he probably change. He ready to face the reality although it's to hard because what is the expectation of the other people, but he ignored it. Because the only word that come up with his mind was I really change and God is always on my side. :)


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